About me

I am an abstract artist and express myself through colour and mark making. Sometimes I paint pure abstracts for the joy of mark making and balancing colours; other times my work will be  abstract responses to my environment and the creative possibilities of expressing it. I’m inspired by a variety of sources: dockyards, sheds, trees, flowers, the big Norfolk skies. In all my work, I use signs and signifiers that indicate what it is I’m thinking about. The feeling evoked by an artwork has primacy.

I originally trained in the applied arts (B.A.Hons Textile Design, Nottingham Trent University), where I specialised in weave. I now spend my time creating oil paintings and the use of colour, texture and repeat patterns continues to excite me. My favourite artists are Sonia Delaunay, Piet Mondrian (early works), Lyubov Popova, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Ivon Hitchens and J.M.W. Turner.